Once Upon a Time in the Land of the Free

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Once upon a time, far, far from our collective memory, this nation was a place where the people demanded better.  On the occasion when some of the people tried to take short cuts, exploit others (slavery), or do anything out of integrity, morals, and ethics, the voice of the moral people shot through the air and traveled with fierce power to fall upon the ears of every man, woman, child.  It was made clear that we would not tolerate hurting others, greed, or dishonesty let alone handing our power over to a government.  America was created by blood, spirit, and hope unyielding as a nation, a democracy, by the people and for the people.  Just as it should be.

So, what has happened?  Why is it that we can see injustice, hate, greed, and dictatorial behavior in so many areas of our nation and we turn a blind eye?  Why is it that we, the middle and working classes of this country feel that we have no authority, power, or place voicing our concerns, policing our representatives, and crating change in that which is not fair to all of us?  Why is it that we are the least politically active?

Once upon a time, we were willing to get out of our comfort zone and scrape our knees for a worthy cause.  Once upon a time we were willing to risk our very lives to make the worked better for another.  Once upon a time we were aware of the goings-on in our political arena.  Once upon a time, we could always see a brighter future when we looked ahead a generation or two.  This was because we were INVESTING in our future by the actions we exercised today.  Now, many people report seeing an ever-increasing bleakness for the future of this nation YET we continually elect politicians cut out of the same old mold as the ones that came before them.

I refuse to believe that the spirit that created this nation is dead.  Asleep, maybe, but not dead.  Can we awaken the sleeping giant once more?  Can we re-create “once upon a time” in our present?  Can we show our generation, where children are lost through the cracks every day, that we care enough to educate them?  That we care enough to put off some of our personal business to help spread the awareness wave the people of this nation so desperately need, collectively speaking?

When will Once Upon a Time be NOW?  What can you do to be part of the movement of political reform that will go down in histiry as one of the rare tiems when the people united?

Again, something to ponder…



Did YOU Know?

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I’ve been wondering exactly how much we pay in taxes (food, gen. merchandise, income, federal, gas, etc.) for EVERYTHING combined.  I mean, we pay a little here, and a little there, and I don’t think we collectively realize just how much of our hard-earned dollars are going towards taxes that we receive little benefit from, especially if you are in the group of middle and working class Americans.

SO–I added it up and it averages a nauseating 43% of our total monthly net pay where we live and thankfully we don’t have a state income tax.  That means that we work FIVE MONTHS OUT OF THE FRIGGIN YEAR just to pay taxes.  How can anyone EVER get ahead in a system such as this?

Do you really think we are a free nation?


Something to ponder…



The Water is Getting Hotter!

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I know it sounds as if I am picking on Dems and that I am one-sided.  I am not.  McCain will have his day, he’ll trip…he’s just laying low right now while Obama and Clinton try to kill each other.

SO, today the soapbox talk is about Billary.  Take a look at this: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7007109937779036019&pr=goog-sl  It is a 13 or so minute trailer for a longer movie yet the clip gives enough information to place Hillary and Bill right up there with Dick Cheney in the UNETHICAL, CROOKED, EVIL categories.  See if you don’t agree after watching it.  These people think they are entirely above the law and they rain ruin down on anyone that tries to blow the whistle, destroying businesses, lives, reputations, anything, in order to distance themselves from those who know the truth about their actions.  It is disgraceful and what is even more outrageous, is that THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW.  They get punished for naught.  DO we really want people cut out of this type of POWER mold running our country, being our liason to other countries, commanding our troops, representing the people?

I sure don’t.  Let’s sit back and see what comes out on McCain.  Can he top the dirt being dug up on Obama and Clinton?  Time will tell.  Until then, do your homework, be open, ask the questions and do whatever you can to expose these people, only by doing so will we be able to exercise our demand for honest, high-integrity candidates. Ugh!


I wonder…

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I have noticed lately that John McCain is rarely discussed on talk radio.  He seems to be hibernating.  Lurking in the shadows, waiting to see who his ultimate rival is.

With the LOUD voice we Americans mustered up last summer regarding the immigration “reform” bill McCain was co-sponsoring getting knocked out cold, I figured there was no way in hell that he would make it through as the Republican nomination for President.  Boy, did I not see that one coming.

Now I wonder how things are going to play out.  I’m going to play “NFL commentator” for just a moment.  I anticipate that once we have the Democrat nominee hammered out, we’ll see the platforms and the stories change.  All candidates are still in the process of pandering to the moderates and extremists in their respective parties.  These are intelligent people, so they probably know that they will not win the election without a significant amount of the independent vote.  And THAT means, that once the nominations are official, we’ll hear very different versions of their prose and plans now tailored to be more in the middle, where the majority of independents lie.

What should that tell us?  Well, I think you can figure it out.  And unless we have an honest, honorable, real American jump in the race under the Independent ticket, we are either headed for more of the same plus amnesty (McCain), the new North Mexico (Billary), or “hard-working-Americans-being-flat-broke-due-to-numerous-new-social-programs” AND amnesty (Obama).  Either way you slice it, this country becomes less and less BY and FOR the people.

With respect to the candidates changing their pitches to us gullible Americans…just watch…I’m willing to bet on it.


Can we believe ANYTHING?

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How often do you hear that the media is biased?  How often do you hear that the media is nothing more than a marionette being controlled by some back-room dark elite?  I’ve heard them all EXCEPT that the media tells the full truth…that one I have not heard.

And I wonder if anything that is reported, short of the reporters’ favorite—massacres—deaths—etc., is factual.  Especially when it has to do with politics.

A couple weeks ago, New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer resigned due to alleged involvement in a high-profile prostitution ring.  Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t.  If true, I certainly do not agree with his actions and it definitely mars his character in my eyes, but is it the full story?

Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMo7T9t0Gzk  I’m not done doing my digging on this story yet, but I di find it interesting that none of this was mentioned on TV ot Talk Radio.  We need to start connecting our own dots, people.  We need to STOP allowing ourselves to be spoonfed whatever bull “they” feel like dishing up for us each day.  We need to start caring about way more than ourselves and realize that this country is our collective responsibility.

If what you’ll see in this video is true and complete, the it shows that no one will be able to create CHANGE in our political system without getting assassinated, metaphorically speaking…well, hopefully.

Happy Research!